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What you'll find onboard-Hawaii Grand Princess

Aboard the Grand Princess, the possibilities are endless.

Dining Options

Complimentary Dining Options:
ꔷ Botticelli Dining Room
ꔷ Da Vinci Dining Room
ꔷ Michelangelo Dining Room

ꔷ Alfredo's Pizzeria
ꔷ Ice Cream Bar
ꔷ Trident Grill
ꔷ Horizon Court
ꔷ The Bar & Grill
ꔷ International Cafe
ꔷ Afternoon Tea
ꔷ 24-hour room service

Specialty Dining Options:
ꔷ Crown Grill
ꔷ Ultimate Balcony Dining
ꔷ Sabatini’s


ꔷ Wheelhouse Bar
ꔷ Snooker's Cigar Bar
ꔷ Crooners Bar
ꔷ Churchill Lounge
ꔷ Wheelhouse Bar
ꔷLido Bar
ꔷ Atlantis Casino
ꔷ & Many More

ꔷ Calypso Reef & Pool
ꔷ The Sanctuary
ꔷ Lotus Spa,® Salon, Pool
  & Fitness Center
ꔷ Terrace Pool
ꔷ Princess Links
ꔷ 9-hole putting course
ꔷ Calypso Cove
ꔷ Facets
ꔷ Teen Center
ꔷ & More!

ꔷ Princess Theater
ꔷ Vista Show Lounge
ꔷ Movies Under the Stars
ꔷ Atlantis Casino
ꔷ & More!

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