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15-Days Holidays Down Under Auckland To Melbourne On -Crystal Symphony

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Auckland, New Zealand

Departure 9pm

Welcome to Auckland, the "City of Sails." New Zealand's largest city is along the shores of an extinct volcanic cone known as Rangitoto, often visible to the east. Auckland's population of over one million people represents almost a third of the country's total.

New Zealand seems to have a bit of everything: great natural beauty, friendly people, magnificent glacier-studded mountain ranges, sculpted fjords, pristine untouched beaches, lush rainforest, an endless array of sporting activities, and, not to be forgotten, plenty of sheep and rolling farmland. 

Auckland is the perfect city from which to experience most of what New Zealand has to offer. The city lies astride a narrow isthmus between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean on two harbors, the Waitemata and Manukau. Auckland and New Zealand's geographic and cultural treasures beckon for your discovery. 

An enthusiastic welcome awaits you at this thriving city by the sea.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tauranga, New Zealand

Arrival 9:00am, Departure 10:00pm
Sprawling along the sweeping bay, Tauranga is a popular summer resort and one of the country's most important ports for the export of kiwi fruit, timber, and dairy products. It is also the gateway for Rotorua, the geothermal wonderland that is one of New Zealand's most famous attractions.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Cruising the East Coast of New Zealand

Saturday, December 24, 2016 

Wellington, New Zealand
Arrival 7:00am, Departure 6:00pm

Hugging the hillsides around Port Nicholson, a horseshoe-shaped bay that is one of the world's finest, Wellington reminds many visitors of San Francisco. In cultural offerings as well as landscape - Wellington boasts the National Art Gallery and the Dominion Museum, as well as the Government Building, one of the world's largest wodden structures.


Sunday, December 25, 2016 

Cruising the East Coast of New Zealand


Monday, December 26, 2016 

Christchurch/Akaroa, New Zealand
Arrival 7:00am, Departure 7:00pm

On a breathtakingly scenic 90-minute drive from Christchurch, discover the charming village of Akaroa, the oldest colonial town in New Zealand’s South Island, and the country’s only French settlement. The Maori first settled here around 700-800 years ago, bestowing the name Akaroa, which means ‘long harbour’ in their native language. English explorers, including James Cook, arrived in the late 1700s, but it was the efforts of French whaling captain Jean Francois L’Anglois in the 1830s that led to the town’s distinctly French personality that still exists today.  Nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano along the southern side of the Banks Peninsula, Akaroa’s beautiful bays and harbour are home to the rarest and smallest marine dolphin—the Hectors dolphin—as well as New Zealand Fur Seals, Little Blue Penguins, and many different birds and exotic plants. From kayaking, hiking, fishing, sailing, eco-tours and walking tours to art galleries, craft shops, and cafes, this welcoming town is remains a favorite among New Zealand destinations.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016 

Dunedin, New Zealand 

Arrival 8:00am, Departure 5:00pm
The charming city of Dunedin lies in southeastern New Zealand, less than ten miles from our pier in Port Chalmers. Its name means Edinburgh in Gaelic and to this day it has retained enduring reminders of its Scottish roots. Adorning the streets of Dunedin is a wealth of Victorian and Edwardian buildings, richly festooned with spires, gables and gargoyles. These architectural landmarks are imposing reminders of a more prosperous era. Surprisingly, the surrounding area is also home to prolific local wildlife, animals rarely found so close to a major city. The choice is yours: explore impressive city architecture, take a rail journey through unspoiled wilderness or venture out to view albatrosses and a country estate.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016 

Cruising Dusky & Doubtful Sounds, New Zealan


Thursday, December 29, 2016 

Cruising the Tasman Seas


Friday, December 30, 2016 

Cruising the Tasman Seas


Saturday, December 31, 2016 

Sydney, Australia (overnight)

Arrive 6:00am 

The billowing profile of the Opera House greets us on her return to Sydney's glorious, world-class harbor. Ahead lies the arch of the Harbour Bridge. These twin symbols, more than any other, identify one of the Southern Hemisphere's premier cities.

Sydney is an energetic and exciting metropolis whose nightlife, shopping and fine restaurants compare favorably with the finest the world has to offer. Despite its modern advances, Sydney has lovingly cherished its heritage, for this was the birthplace of the Australian nation. 

Combine Sydney's boundless attractions with its superb harborside location, and you have that certain magic that few other cities can rival. 


Sunday, Janauary 1, 2017 

Sydney, Australia (overnight)


Monday, Janauary 2, 2017 

Sydney, Australia 

Departure 6:30pm


Tuesday, January 3, 2017 

Cruising the East Coast of New Zealand 

Wednesday, Jaunary 4, 2017 

Melbourne, Australia (overnight)

Arrive 9:00am 
Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria. It maintains an air of old-world grace and refined dignity with spacious tree-lined boulevards and expansive parks. The prosperous lifestyle of its people is both cosmopolitan and sophisticated. Quaint trams rumble through the downtown area past verdant gardens and impressive high-rises, in a city that has never lost its endearing charm. The heritage of more than 100 different cultures has contributed to Melbourne's richly international character. This diverse ethnic mix is exemplified by its range of 15,000 dining venues which offer more than 50 different kinds of cuisine. Melbourne's sightseeing is as diverse as it is composition and beckons for your discovery.


Thursday, Jaunary 5, 2017 

Melbourne, Australia 

Disembark am 

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