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12-Day Malay Archipelago Mystique -Crystal Symphony

Bali/Benoa, Indonesia (overnight)

Embark pm

Bali is so beautiful that the natives believe heaven will be just like home, and touring this island paradise, it's easy to see why. Here are mysterious volcanic lakes and jungle-shrouded volcanoes, wondrous ancient temples, fabulously creative painters and wood-carvers, and the legendary dancers who re-enact the stories of their Hindu deities.

Note: Arrival and departure times for this port will depend on tidal restrictions.

Bali/Benoa, Indonesia 
Departure 10:00am

Komodo Island, Indonesia
Arrival 7am, Departure 4pm
Many of Komodo Island's residents are descendants of convicts, who like the early inhabitants of Australia, were sent to the island to live in exile. And, like Australia, Komodo Island has a population of strange and wondrous wildlife, the most renowned of which is the Komodo dragon. The world's largest lizard, this ferocious predator enjoys full protection on the island. Both Komodo Island and nearby Rinca Island are part of a national park system that allows the dragon to sunbathe on the river banks and amble past curious visitors without fear of being harmed. Actually, it is the human that should be wary: in spite of their clumsy stride and apparent nonchalance, the Komodo dragon can run as fast as a dog and is capable of killing and eating a human being. But visitors to the island need not worry. Calm and capable park service guides are on hand to escort onlookers to a kind of reverse zoo, where the people gather in a protective enclosure while the dragons patrol the area, making themselves available for safe observation.

Cruising the Bali Sea

Your Story at Sea
Adventure. Romance. Discovery.

Cruising the Sulu Sea

Your Story at Sea
Adventure. Romance. Discovery.

Boracay Island, Philippines

Arrive 10:00am, Departure 9:00pm

From the air, Boracay appears as dog-bone-shaped isle, green, lush and small, surrounded by impossibly blue waters that are a bright turquoise around shore and turn a deep azure in the vast expanse. From the beach, docks reach out over the sea and are capped by palapas that invite lingering, chatting and simply gazing out over the horizon. From moment to moment, Boracay gives you an array of options, perhaps a wade in a glass-smooth, coral protected lagoon, a try at windsurfing or kiteboarding, shopping at bustling White Beach or snorkeling at the quiet cove of Baling Hai Beach. No matter the perspective, Boracay is a fantastic composition of sun, sand and sea—the epitome of a tropical getaway. No wonder the island is consistently rated by travel magazines as one of the most beautiful in the world, easily competing with the Caribbean and South Pacific.

Romblon Island, Philippines

Arrival 8:00am, Departure 6:00pm
Snorkeling in clear blue waters or lazing on a white-sand beach, you might think you are in the South Pacific or Caribbean. But a walk in town confirms you are in the Philippines, with its own distinct culture. A piece of this culture is the marble trade. Romblon is renowned for its marble, considered equal to that found in Italy. While you will discover everything from curios to buildings showcasing the magnificent natural material, little else is carved in stone. Time is yours to plan or not plan as you please, with chances to explore the “Romblon on Romblon in Romblon——meaning Romblon town on Romblon Island in Romblon Province—the way you wish. The layers of beauty will reveal themselves, whether it’s in the mountainous interior, on the palm-fringed shore or in the smiles of the people.

Cruising the Sulu Sea
Your Story at Sea
Adventure. Romance. Discovery.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Arrive 7:00am, Departure 6:00pm
Kota Kinabalu , commonly known as KK, faces the South China Sea on the northwest coast of Borneo. As the state of Sabah’s capital, it is a sprawling and busy city. Situated between the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park and Mount Kinabalu, it is a place for snorkeling, hiking and simply watching the ebb and flow of nature. For people watching, there is the KK Waterfront, where a variety restaurants, pubs and cafes vie for the traveler’s time and interest. Shopping opportunities abound, with numerous malls offering slick and modern places to make that perfect purchase or two, and the Kota Kinabalu Handicraft Market, formerly known as the Filipino Market, and weekly Gaya Street Market hawking everything from ethnic souvenirs to traditional foods.


Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Arrive 7:00am, Departure 6:00pm
In 1929, the country of Brunei on the island of Borneo struck it rich when oil was discovered. But this little country has always been rich in beauty and history. Bordering the South China Sea, Brunei has a long, lovely coast. Jungles come down to meet the water, mists often envelop treetops, and waterfalls plunge from verdant cliffs. In cities like Bandar Seri Begawan, graceful arcades with spade-shaped arches open onto wide plazas, and intricately-tiled pathways lead to ornate mosques with gold-capped turrets. While its mosques and beaches are peaceful, Brunei's history has been a little more turbulent. Over the centuries, its land has been relinquished in odd bits and pieces to neighboring countries, creating a current border in the shape of an inverted U. To travel between the east and the west, in other words, you must cross into Sarawak then leave it again when reentering Brunei on the other side. The Sultan's lines of power have expanded and contracted over the years, too. Today, Brunei is a peaceful and prosperous constitutional sultanate, with Sultan Sir Hassanal Bolkiah at the royal helm.

Cruising the South China Sea
Your Story at Sea
Adventure. Romance. Discovery.

Singapore (overnight)

Arrive 12:00noon

Singapore blends the contemporary splendor of a sparkling modern city with influences from throughout the Orient. Its history is one of riches and romance, spice trading and piracy, colonialism and growth. This island state has grown from a small fishing village to one of Asia's greatest success stories. Temples, mosques and churches stand as serene reminders of the varied collection of migrations that have graced its history. Discover the mansions and polo greens of colonial Singapore, the mystique of Chinatown and the heady aroma of spices and curry along Arab Street. You will quickly come to understand why Singapore is acclaimed as the "Crossroads of the East."

Disembark am


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