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Experience Croatia on a Private Yacht

 No matter what your boating style may be, the perfect vessel is waiting for you! 


The Adriatic Coast Captivates

Seeing Croatia for the first time is a life changing experience. To visit time and again is to re-affirm life. Blessed with magnificent scenery and incredible history and enriched with folk traditions and delicious regional foods and wines, here is a region so divine that it has been named one of the best travel destinations in the world. Mediterranean, European, and Balkan influences have formed an ancient and distinctive culture throughout its pastoral countryside to its shimmering coastlines. Powerful mountain ranges have carved legacies in their midst while fairy tale castles and walled seaside villages stand as a testimony to its tumultuous past. Once the site of one of the bloodiest crossroads between Europe and Asia, it gained international recognition and independence in 1992 and today is a gorgeous and peaceful land that beckons passionate travelers from all over the globe. From its lush national parks teeming with flora and fauna and stunning waterfalls to its glistening chain of lavender and citrus scented islands in the sun drenched Adriatic Sea, this is truly one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. A journey to Croatia is a lovely and indelible memory that lives with you forever.

Your Private Yacht Experience


The Dalmatian Coast is made up of more than a thousand islands, a stunning natural habitat with beautiful coves and bays in a sea so pristine it will take your breath away. A variety of archeological and cultural monuments await to be explored on each island along with dazzling beaches where you can slip into a beautiful reverie. Adventures Croatia wants to welcome you aboard your own privately crewed yacht where luxury reigns supreme. Imagine island hopping where every day is an anchorage in paradise. Your own private chef will ensure that your palette is satiated while on board, then once ashore you will be treated to private cookouts on captivating beaches with fresh, local delicacies. Indulge in the hot night life while sipping cocktails in one of the famous bars or pulsating nightclubs along the coast. Take a wine tasting tour where you will visit selected private wine cellars, then savor dinner in a five star hotel where food is prepared to satisfy any culinary critic. Dive into the adventurous world of big game fishing and scuba diving where the sea bottom illuminates with breathtaking azure blue color. This is the combination of high adrenaline excitement mixed with tranquility that only an Adventures Croatia experience can offer the discriminating traveler.


To make arrangements for private and group charters contact us for further information.






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